Gooseberry : A powerhouse of nutrients

Gooseberry is a round shape like herbal fruit which tastes sour, it is also known as Indian Gooseberry or Amla. The scientific name of Amla or Gooseberry is Phyllanthus Emblica.The Amla word is derived from the Sanskrit language Amalaki which means Nectar of life. Many people don’t know about Gooseberries; they see it only as a fruit but it has many Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory Vitamins and Fibers which are beneficial for us. It is used as an Herbal, Healing remedy for boosting our Immunity for many years. It is also used for the treatment of many diseases such as Diabetes, Liver Allergy, boosting immunity, stomach ailments, brain health, cancer, Acidity, Detoxification, or others. Now let’s discuss its uses and benefits.

Gooseberry for Boosting our Immunity 

Gooseberry is a Powerhouse of many different Nutrients and Oxidants. It contains Anti-inflammatory substances which prevent us from many Bacterias and Diseases. Gooseberries are highly Nutritious and thus Boost our Immune System and support our Digestive System. It helps to clear our blood system and helps to detoxify the body. Its Nutrition helps to reduce our Weight, and its Dietary Fibers help to control Blood Sugar.

Gooseberry Relieves from Stomach Ailments 

Today most people are suffering from Stomach Ailments like Acidity, Ingestion, Jaundice, Obesity, and others. Its Fibers, Anti-oxidants, and Anti-inflammatory substances prevent one from all of these diseases. Its regular consumption acts against Acidity and improves our Digestive System which relieves from problem Ingestion. It also helps for the Thickening of Veins and helps for Detoxification of Blood and Weight Loss. 

Gooseberry Rich in Antioxidants 

It is a pack of many Nutrients and Antioxidants. It has many Anti-inflammatory substances and Fibers which act against many diseases and Bacteria in our body and protect us. It has very positive effects on our Heart, Skin, Hair, Brain, Liver, Stomach, and many more. It was used many years ago in Herbal and Ayurvedic treatments and is now used in many Medicines for its nutritional power. Its Antioxidants affect Heartburn and Heart health.

Gooseberry for Brain Health 

Gooseberries are a Powerhouse of Iron and Nutrients, which act on some of the diseases like Alzeimer and Parkinson’s. Regular consumption of Gooseberries helps to reduce the chances of Brain diseases and other diseases too. The Antioxidants and Phytonutrients in Gooseberries are also believed to Benefit age-related diseases of the Brain and reduce your risk of Heart Stroke.   

Gooseberry for Cancer 

Gooseberries are rich in Phyto-nutrients and Antioxidants, which act on some kinds of Cancers. These Nutrients contract on Bacterias and repair the damage from Oxidative Stress (which leads to the development of Cancer in the body).

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