A regular and healthy Menstrual Cycle occurs every 28-35 days. But when the cycle doesn’t occur even after 35 days, it can amount to a serious health problem and can further lead to issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), difficulties while conceiving, or even complete infertility.

Some  of the effective home remedies are discussed below and can be included in your daily diet plan to assist in regularizing your menses:

Intake of Papaya:

If you are experiencing irregularity in your Period Cycle, it is advised to include Raw Papaya fruit in your Dietary Routine. Eating raw Papaya helps in contracting the Uterus Muscles and stirring up the Period Cycle. It stimulates the Estrogen hormone in the body.

Parsley Consumption:

Apart from many other benefits, Parsley boosts the blood flow into the Pelvic area which then stimulates contractions in the Uterus. Parsley can be consumed in many different forms such as boiled or dried. You can sprinkle dried Parsley onto your favorite dishes or drink Parsley Tea.

Curcumin Benefits in Menstruation:

Curcuminoid has many Antispasmodic properties which can relieve muscle Spasms and Pain, especially in the bowel, and help induce Menstruation naturally. Curcumin is best consumed with Milk, Honey or jaggery can also be added to Sweeten it.

Ginger Benefits:

Ginger helps in balancing Hormones responsible for Menstruation, it suppresses the chemicals that make your Uterus contract and cause pain. It increases the period flow and regular intake can put an end to Menstrual Irregularities.

Cinnamon uses:

Women who suffer from PCOS have high Insulin levels which affect other hormones too. Cinnamon helps manage Insulin levels and regularize the Period cycle. Cinnamon provides warmth to the Pelvic region and helps boost Blood Flow.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is another Potent Food addition to treat Menstrual Irregularities. It has Alkalizing properties which help achieve Menstrual Regularity Naturally. Aloe Vera juice is known to give instant relief to your pain during the monthly cycles.

Lifestyle Changes to Induce Menses :

Healthy Diet and Mind: Avoid Taking Junk Food. Take a Balance Diet and Relax your Mind.

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