Puncture Vine (Tribulus Terrestris): Interesting Facts you Need to Know

Commonly known as Puncture Vine, the Fruit, Leaf, and Root of Tribulus is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and as a Herbal medicine to treat a wide range of Illnesses, diseases, and concerns like Low Libido, Fertility, and Vitality. Tribulus Terrestris is used as a Diuretic, Pain Reliever, and Appetite Stimulant, as well as a treatment for Kidney Stones, High Blood Pressure and Urinary Infections. 


  • Puncture Vine has many Nutrients which help to Boost Libido in Men. It also enhance Sexual desire in both Men and Women.
  • Puncture Vine is Traditionally used to combat Infertility issues in men
  • Puncture Vine is helpful in maintaining the Heart Rate and reducing Blood Pressure.
  • Puncture Vine contains a Steroidal Saponin called Protodioscin, a precursor to Testosterone which Naturally increases Testosterone production.
  • The Extracts of the Herb are used as Treatment Externally and Internally for Skin conditions such as Allergies, Eczema and Scabies.
  • Puncture Vine facilitates Childbirth by Toning the Smooth Muscles of the area. 
  • Puncture Vine rich supplements have been used in Treating Hypertension.

Side Effects 

When taken by mouth: Side effects are usually Mild and Uncommon, can include Stomach Pain, Cramping, and Diarrhea.

Eating the Spine: Covered Fruit of Puncture vine is likely Unsafe. There can be some Serious Lung Problems due to Eating the Fruit.

Special Precautions: 

Pregnancy: Taking Puncture Vine during Pregnancy is unsafe. Animal research suggests that Puncture Vine might Harm the Fetus.

Breast-feeding: Avoid Puncture Vine use during Breastfeeding. Surgery: Puncture Vine might affect Blood Sugar Levels and Blood Pressure. Stop its use at least 2 weeks before a Scheduled Surgery.

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